| Evangelism |

Evangelism is the most important ministry of Operation Jabez. Therefore, everything we do centers around reaching people with the Gospel message of hope and life in Jesus Christ!

Our Avenues of Evangelism:

  • Door-to-Door - We visit communities and families to share the Gospel of Jesus personally, to pray, meet specific needs, and to build relationships.

  • Training Seminars - We travel to local churches and communities to teach various seminars and train other pastors and leaders how to do ministry and evangelize.

  • Preaching - Our ministry team preaches God’s word in churches, communities, or to specialized groups such as couples, teens, moms, etc.

  • Missions Training - Jabez hosts an annual 4-month missions training program for people in the local Guatemalan church who want to go on a missions trip. The Jabez ministry team has led missions teams to the Dominican Republic and Honduras doing evangelism, relief work, and children’s programs!

  • Evangelistic Movies - Christian movies are one of the resources that Operation Jabez uses to reach out to schools, communities, and families. They also use these movies in churches and mission trips.

  • Breakfast Outreach - This is a monthly outreach ministry of House of Refuge which is across the street from Jabez. Carol helped Pastor Steve and his wife begin their street ministry several years ago. The women are served a home-cooked breakfast, experience time in worship, hear God’s word, receive prayer, and are given a gift. Between 15-30 ladies attend regularly.