| Relief Work |

We believe that one of the most tangible ways that people encounter Christ is through His people. Relief work is a way that Operation Jabez meets a variety of practical needs so that more people can hear about Jesus Christ!

Ways that we provide relief work:

  • School Supplies - Operation Jabez annually supplies 3 local schools. (Some are operating under trees - no buildings!) We give them: school supplies, book bags, uniforms made by the sewing classes, teacher supplies, and more.

  • Aid During Hurricane Season - Hurricane season can be devastating to families, communities, and whole villages in Guatemala! Therefore, we do our best to serve by bringing food, water, medical supplies, clothes, etc. to those stranded. Sometimes we even need to reach them by 4-wheel-drive, boat, or horseback!

  • Emergency Relief - We help to bring relief to specific people in the event of an medical emergency, death in the family, or other emergency by providing food, transportation, giving financially, or other items specific to the immediate need.