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Operation Jabez offers several different ways for Guatemalans, who otherwise may never have the opportunity, to receive an education. Most importantly, we get to share the Gospel as we train and teach them valuable life-skills!

Opportunities for Education:

  • English Class -  Every week we are teaching several levels of U.S. English. There are currently 6-10 students who are teens and young adults.

  • Sewing Class - This class happens two times a week. With the expertise of our ministry team and volunteers, we are now able to teach on a beginner level and an advanced level. Every year we hold a graduation ceremony to honor our students and congratulate them in the completion of our program. We are very excited to be able to offer a practical and comprehensive program for both beginners and advanced students. It is amazing how the Lord is using this ministry to change the lives of so many Guatemalan women and their families!

  • Education Sponsorship - Educational sponsorships are for those who either never completed school, aspire to earn a degree, or simply desire to learn a skill that will provide a source of income, but otherwise would not be able to afford it. Through partnerships with individuals and churches, we provide these sponsorships for Guatemalans to complete and further their education.

    • Enrollment in Operation Jabez Classes (English and Sewing classes)

    • Primary, Secondary, and Higher Education